Personal branding, business portraits, portraits, headshots


Social media content, story telling, documentary, travel

Digital campaign

Corporate, website, products, commercial projects

Creative productions

Conceptual, artistic,  editorials, illustrative

Beauty is everywhere…
One of my favourite things is people-watching. I love to observe individuality and recognise the uniqueness in everybody. Everyone has a story to tell, a way of viewing and experience the world, how beautiful it is to translate it into images.



Every project is unique and has its particular requirements and attention. A combination of your briefing with my expertise and extended network I can advise on the best locations and crew.

Brand design

Next to photography I have a background as graphic designer. If you need assistance in  developing your branding and website check my design website www.daunakraag.com.

Startups, small business and professionals

Part of the online presence is to show who you are and what your business is about. A good image can reflect the character of your brand. I often hear that business owners saying that they would like to attract customers who suit them, but how does a customer know if you are what they are looking for? Exactly! By showing yourself and letting the images speak!

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