Personal Brand Photography

Personal Brand Photography, a strategic portrait session with the aim of authentically transmitting professionalism, as well as the personality and values of a professional.

Who is personal brand photography for?
For anyone looking to improve, enhance or reinforce their personal image, who wants to convey an image of closeness and wants to stand out in their digital and professional environment (social networks, press articles, blogs, web, etc.). Someone who wants their audience to see the full picture of who you are behind your projects.

Why is your image important in your personal brand?
To reflect your authentic self, many corporate photos do not differentiate and do not fetch who you are, they are too cold and, anyway, with personal branding the focus is on who you are, the person behind the corporate. The key is to create an emotional connection by showing that your brand is defined by your personality, your priorities and your lifestyle, which helps you stand out from the competition and conveey professionalism and confidence.

Tell your story, show the world who you are.

I like to tell a story through images. I love knowing what makes a person choose a job, a profession or a company. What is your passion, why do you do what you do, who are you?

That is why I have decided to put together a very special package, also because I am beginning a new phase of my life. This package includes:

– Online call for briefing

– Moodboard

– 10 photographs

– Personalized online gallery for selection

– Professional makeup

– Location (studio close to Sagrada Família)

All this for only €375* (ex VAT).

* A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book. The full amount must be paid on the session. This promotion is valid till end of June 2023.

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Frequent questions

How does the process work?

To create the best images that reflect who you are, the first step for us is to connect and have a quick conversation about who you are and what are your expectations.

Once we decide to work together, I will send you a questionnaire. After analyzing your answers, we brainstorm and prepare a script with the ideas so that we know exactly what kind of photos we will take. Obviously, there is always room to improvise! We will also define what clothes and props you will need for your session.

Once the session is done, I will send you a personalized gallery with pre-selected images after a few days. Once you’ve chosen your photos, it usually takes 5 business days for delivery. Sometimes before!

When is the payment made?

There are two possible forms of payment:

    1. Payment of the full amount of the Personal Branding session is made at the time of confirmation and reservation of the date.
    2. Payment of 50% of the amount at the time of confirmation and the remaining amount on the day of the session.
Will you help me create the styling of my session?

During your photo session we will use props available in the studio/location and your personal props. I will guide you in case you have to buy any specific props for your session.

What does image editing include?

Editing will consist of color grading, contrast, and luminosity adjustments. The facial retouching will be natural and soft. More complex touch-ups are charged separately.

What should I wear for my photo session?

Use neutral colors that match any location and a few pieces that match your brand colors. If you want to bring those bolder colors into your brand color palette, use them in your accessories or pieces that you can easily remove or change (like a jacket or top). You may want to use your images on the website and in marketing materials, so you should always keep your brand colors in mind when choosing your wardrobe. Avoid all colors that are completely off-brand, as they can clash with other visual elements of your brand.

Mix up on-trend pieces to really show off your style. A statement top, skirt or pair of shoes will make your audience stop scrolling. A good mix of classic and modern brings balance to your images and can be used beyond the current season.

Is your style modern and minimal and natural and lively? Try to choose outfits that fit your brand personality.

Choose smooth or sheer fabrics. Choose solid colors or patterns.

Before you buy something new for your brand photo shoot, shop your closet! There are plenty of ways to update your current wardrobe pieces for the session or if you want to be more on-trend. Before you go shopping, see if you can build on what you already have.

Look polished and professional. Do not wear clothes that are too old, worn-off or wrinkled. Stretchy outfits that have been faded in color just don’t sit well in photography. It also doesn’t convey the professional message you might be looking for.

12 Wardrobe Tips for Your Personal Branding Session:

  1. Wear solid colors.
  2. Wear clothes that fit you well.
  3. Complement your outfit with accessories.
  4. Use your brand colors.
  5. Wear high heels or dressy shoes, not just comfortable shoes.
  6. Bring wardrobe options.
  7. Don’t wear anything too tight or uncomfortable.
  8. Don’t wear something you normally wouldn’t wear.
  9. Do not wear clothing that is worn, old, or wrinkled.
  10. Do not wear clothes that are super fashionable.
  11. Don’t wear neon colors or ornate patterns.
  12. Don’t show too much skin.
What are the complementary services?

Make sure what is or is not included in the package. Normally I do brand sessions where makeup and styling are included and sometimes only one or the other…

Makeup: I highly recommend adding the makeup service in preparation for your shoot, not only to accentuate your features, relax and enjoy your moment and your brand. But also, a professional makeup artist knows how to do your makeup depending on the light used, and what works best in front of a camera.

Styling: You want to feel confident and comfortable, sometimes you know exactly what to wear, but sometimes that’s exactly what stresses you out. How to show my best self? What to combine? It’s too much? Too little? We know all that feeling. With a stylist you can get this off your shoulder. You will have someone who will recommend what to wear, will prepare the entire combination and you will be able to be at ease and go to the session without worries.


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